Saturday, 1 January 2011

Day 1 - Nice Start

Well day 1 of Janathon has arrived and it started with 5 miler. It also started with new gloves and hat (Xmas presents from the wife) and a rip in my compression tights (so there's £50 I need to shell out). The roads were dead and I felt really lonely, just me and the iPod blasting out some dance tracks. I've decided I'm going to change the album on the shuffle ever day so I best sort out my iTunes. Todays choosen music was cream ibiza classics. I'll put the tracking listing link up later.

(As I'm writing this run still on the iPhone as my laptop has past away)

It was a refreshing run today I wanted to run a 10 miler session but the darkness beat me and they havent heard of street lights in this part of Wales, I think they have only just discovered electricity!

I finished my run running over a field again so my trainers are stinking dirty so there outside the back door stuffed with newspaper, hope they dry out by tomorrow morning. It's a quick run in the morning, I'll be up early and then it's back home to my (and the wifes) house and we leave my parents home for the Christmas holidays.

Today's session

Distance 5.13 miles
Duration 00 40 39
Calories 740
Max HR 178BPM

Good luck with the running people


  1. Well done on your first run of Janathon... have fun running tomorrow, here's hoping the snow stays away now!

  2. I am in awe...5 miles and you wanted to do 10!
    Good luck for the rest of the month.

  3. Things normally happen in threes what with your laptop and compression tights giving up the ghost I was wondering if there was a third?


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