Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Up Early & Out

After stuffing my face for the past three days I decided to go out for that long run I had planned to do on Boxing day. I had a stinking headache on Boxing day so that went out of the window!

Well the snow has finally gone from the pavements and roads so I couldn't wait to get out there, only to find out this morning its been lashing down all night and continued this morning during my run. I don't mind running in the rain so I wasn't to sad..

This mornings run had some cracking scenery and full of coastal views and fields with cattle who cheered me on throughout the run.. I think! I set off at 08:30 so the nights mist still hadn't cleared so it was a beautiful run, with my new gloves bought for Christmas from my wife and a bottle of tropical Lucozade. I had a lovely high vis long sleeved top on and black under armour and not forgetting my lovely compression skins, you beauty's! (which reminds me I need to write a article on gear I've got and recommendations)

The roads were empty apart from puddles and a sole police car I saw on my travels who seem to follow me as I saw them three times on the ten mile circuit. Really enjoyed the run this morning my legs feel alittle tired now but im up for a small training run with the wife tommorrow.

Oh and one last thing I was fed up of using the iphone to type up my blog so I bought a wireless pen - Pay as you go, Its the future!

Todays Run:

Distance 10 miles
Duration 01:28:58
Max HR 186BPM

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