Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sore Calfs Today

Thank god its a rest day my calfs are killing, I normally wear compression skins (Skins) but yesterday I didn't because I wore tracksuit bottoms to go running in the snow. I wore my old compression socks underneath but they obviously weren't tight enough.

I'm off to my parents for Christmas with my wife so i need to load up the ipod with some decent tracks as I'm not back home for 11 days. There are some cracking running routes down my parents place I just hope they haven't had as much snow as us otherwise I'm in trouble for Janathon.

I'm forecasting 10 miles every other day just need to make sure I carbo load on my recovery day (well i mean eat Christmas buffet food as much as possible)

My mother also text me today to ask if we can bring the Wii down.. OMG! They will be using teletext next!

Oh bugger I've just had a thought they don't have Internet, looks like I'll be doing posts from my iPhone.. GREAT!

1 comment:

  1. happy carb loading... I've started already! Have a great christmas with your wife at your parents and happy christmas running!


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