Friday, 17 December 2010

Snow Day...

Well no run today, due to 5 inches of snow… I went to bed at 23:00 and there wasn’t a sniff of snow. I then woke up at 02:30 this morning (to watch the Ashes) and still no snow. I went for a peak out the window at 05:30 and I was hammering down and it looked like it had for some time.

After Day 2 of the Ashes had finished the wife decided we should go out and see the area and see the snow so around 10:00 and it was lovely out there. We had wonder over to the local park took some snaps of the snow and popped to the local shop to grab a newspaper.

We’ve got a wedding tomorrow so I hope some of the snow clears so we can get the car off the drive otherwise we are walking/running there. But I can’t imagine the wife doing a 7 minute mile with those heels on.

Today’s distance travelled – 1.5 miles for the pint of milk and paper.

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