Thursday, 16 December 2010

New Run Routes & Council Street Lighting

This is so annoying! The local council have decided that they want to complete a cost saving exercise by not turning on street lights. I think there is a FB group against the turn off?

In doing this it means my normal running route is now in complete darkness so I wont be running it any more till the summer.

Ive been on mapometer to search out some new routes but there isn't much starting from my home Ive managed to find one route but I'm sure if keep on doing that one I'll get board and start to lose the will..

I live on top of a hill so its always a killer finishing my runs as its a slow quarter of a mile uphill slope which is never good to finish on especially when your cream crackered.

How do people source there runs and decide your routes? obviously I can go anywhere on the weekend as its light in the day and I'm not in work but in the week I'm in the office till about 5 and its dark when I walk home from work. So I need the street lights to complete my runs, as I said above I use mapometer to get some direction but perhaps i need to change the way I train and do less mileage and more sprints and 1k efforts with recovery in the week and long runs over the weekends?

Any suggestions gratefully received :)

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