Sunday, 19 December 2010

More Snow & No Road Runs..

Would you believe it more snow has come and more is expected - This is destroying my planned running schedule!

Ive got a Wii to play on, I wonder if I can build up a sweat on that? Or I may even go and do a hill session with the horse above.. Just like Rocky! DRAAAAGGGGGOOOOOO!!!!

Got an email today from Runners World and this tool is a great place to start if you need a training plan - Smartcoach


  1. I definitely think you can run up a sweat on the wii.. especially if you combine the jogging on the spot with a mini-trampette.. not that've I've tried! honest?!

    I thought we had a lot of snow until I saw tour pic! Definitely use the horse I say... though a video montage in honour of Rocky will also be required if you complete that training session!

    Cheers for the tip on Smartcoach

    Good luck with getting out for a run!

    Maggiee x

  2. I thought we'd had a lot of snow too (Luton) til I saw your pic...that's proper snow!!

    Good luck for Jan

    Carla (fortnightflo)

  3. I find boxing on the Wii always works up a sweat. It can even make me ache the next day! Good luck with the run



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