Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Last Nights Run...

This is my first post in my very new shiny blog!

I ran last night for 6.5 miles and I'm hurting a little today. My knees in particular! I'm sure they would be hurting more if I had run Monday night with the elite group, so I was grateful for the rest day on Monday.

The wife and I decided to go up the Brecon Beacons on Sunday for a walk so that's why I think I'm aching and I ran Saturday too!

Back to last night, I saw 2 runners out and about which is very unusual as I'm normally hitting the pavements on my own.

It was cold last night and with my tired legs it was a hard run but its what makes us stronger. How do I know it was cold last night... well my hat stuck to my head as my sweat had frozen! hmm nice and to top it off I left without my bloody gloves!

I'm using a Garmin 305 to track my runs and using Garmin Connect to log them.

Last nights stats:

Distance 6.55 miles
Time 00:55:57
Max HR 183bpm

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