Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Horses, Snow & More Snow

What a great session - As I said yesterday I was determined to leave work early to get that run in and guess what I did!

I wrapped up warmish and went across my road into the local park and decided to complete a Fartlek training session.

My set was:

Repeat 5 Times 
2min Zone 5 2min Zone 4 (rest) 
1min Zone 5 1min Zone 4 (rest) 
30sec Zone 5 30secs Zone 4 (rest)

Time 00:35:00
Distance 3.13 miles
Max Hr 181BPM

All the above in 4inches of snow - God my legs were heavy after I finished the set and the houses that overlook the park my think what the hell is that idiot doing. The route I chose was far from flat and the audience of 5 horses was.. well interesting.

I came home and had a quick go on the Wii boxing before I jumped in the shower a quick 30 minutes.

Rest day tomorrow I think.. or maybe a quick go on the Wii


  1. Thanks for your post. I'm getting there but I notice you have a nice, shiny 'Janathon participant' logo/link thingamywotsit.... how does one add one to one's blog pray tell?
    Cheers, Phil

  2. Ignore last comment request... think I've sorted it. I should just have a play on here I think and see what happens. Sorry to bother you, but it boosts the comment count i guess.


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