Thursday, 30 December 2010

Easier But Harder

I ventured out for my second 10 mile run of the holiday season and I did enjoy it but not as much as the other day. I ran the same route and it was free from rain and I was blessed with some sunshine during the run.

I was splashed by a bin lorry on his round so i got home covered in mud "skits" front and back, The swines i bet there still laughing!

I left my folks house with a running partner (my wife) for the first mile but as the first hill approached she was happy to sit back and I left her her happily trotting along. My first mile was 2 minutes slower today, I think it was because I stayed with the wife (well I'm using the excuse and not because I was feeling lazy).

There is some cracking views on this run and I'll pop out later and take some snaps and upload them, If I keep looking while on my run it helps take away the pain. :)

Ive got a small run planned for tomorrow only 3-5 miles and then another 10 miler scheduled for new years day. Just to kick off Janathon, ooohhh its getting close now! Best of luck everyone!

Todays session

Distance 10 miles
Duration 01:30:02
Calories 1416
Max HR 180BPM

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  1. Wow! 10 miles on new years day, that's brave! I'm thinking mine will be a short, as late as possible, first janathon run! All the best for the new year and good luck for janathon! :-)


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