Friday, 17 December 2010

Dark, Cold & Another Run

I got home last night about 5:30 and thought do I really need to run? Its cold, its dark and its going to snow! I decided to man up and go for it and I'm glad I went. It blew away the days stress from work and it got me out of making dinner. 

The 1st up hill last night was a killer even though its about 2 minutes of up hill I knew tonight was not going to be easy. I did the spilt in a relatively quick time and was happy with that but just after that midway point I knew I sitting back and not going full steam ahead. To make matters worse it then decided to hail in my last mile so that made the last bit even harder. It sounds like I'm a right moaner!

I didn't see any other runners out last night but lots of cars and people looking through the windows at me and probably thinking "what an idiot its minus 3 and he's out running".

Roll on the weekend.. Ive got a wedding!

Last nights stats:

Duration 56:41
Distance 6.5 Miles
Max Heart Rate 181 BPM

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  1. Hi Martyn - thanks for your comment on my Blog! - I'm just off for a swim right now... SO much ti learn. Have fun in the snow!


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