Thursday, 30 December 2010

Easier But Harder

I ventured out for my second 10 mile run of the holiday season and I did enjoy it but not as much as the other day. I ran the same route and it was free from rain and I was blessed with some sunshine during the run.

I was splashed by a bin lorry on his round so i got home covered in mud "skits" front and back, The swines i bet there still laughing!

I left my folks house with a running partner (my wife) for the first mile but as the first hill approached she was happy to sit back and I left her her happily trotting along. My first mile was 2 minutes slower today, I think it was because I stayed with the wife (well I'm using the excuse and not because I was feeling lazy).

There is some cracking views on this run and I'll pop out later and take some snaps and upload them, If I keep looking while on my run it helps take away the pain. :)

Ive got a small run planned for tomorrow only 3-5 miles and then another 10 miler scheduled for new years day. Just to kick off Janathon, ooohhh its getting close now! Best of luck everyone!

Todays session

Distance 10 miles
Duration 01:30:02
Calories 1416
Max HR 180BPM

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Up Early & Out

After stuffing my face for the past three days I decided to go out for that long run I had planned to do on Boxing day. I had a stinking headache on Boxing day so that went out of the window!

Well the snow has finally gone from the pavements and roads so I couldn't wait to get out there, only to find out this morning its been lashing down all night and continued this morning during my run. I don't mind running in the rain so I wasn't to sad..

This mornings run had some cracking scenery and full of coastal views and fields with cattle who cheered me on throughout the run.. I think! I set off at 08:30 so the nights mist still hadn't cleared so it was a beautiful run, with my new gloves bought for Christmas from my wife and a bottle of tropical Lucozade. I had a lovely high vis long sleeved top on and black under armour and not forgetting my lovely compression skins, you beauty's! (which reminds me I need to write a article on gear I've got and recommendations)

The roads were empty apart from puddles and a sole police car I saw on my travels who seem to follow me as I saw them three times on the ten mile circuit. Really enjoyed the run this morning my legs feel alittle tired now but im up for a small training run with the wife tommorrow.

Oh and one last thing I was fed up of using the iphone to type up my blog so I bought a wireless pen - Pay as you go, Its the future!

Todays Run:

Distance 10 miles
Duration 01:28:58
Max HR 186BPM

Friday, 24 December 2010

1st Run At Home

My first run at home this festive season and I really enjoyed it. Two reasons really, the first I was running the roads where I grew up and brought back some great memories and second it was only a 5 mile run!

As I said in my previous note I'm at my parents so I'm writing this on my IPhone as they don't have the net! No Internet? WTF is the world coming too!

Todays session:

Distance 5 miles
Time 00:41:01
Max HR 180BPM

Merry Christmas no run tomorrow - Wooohooo!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sore Calfs Today

Thank god its a rest day my calfs are killing, I normally wear compression skins (Skins) but yesterday I didn't because I wore tracksuit bottoms to go running in the snow. I wore my old compression socks underneath but they obviously weren't tight enough.

I'm off to my parents for Christmas with my wife so i need to load up the ipod with some decent tracks as I'm not back home for 11 days. There are some cracking running routes down my parents place I just hope they haven't had as much snow as us otherwise I'm in trouble for Janathon.

I'm forecasting 10 miles every other day just need to make sure I carbo load on my recovery day (well i mean eat Christmas buffet food as much as possible)

My mother also text me today to ask if we can bring the Wii down.. OMG! They will be using teletext next!

Oh bugger I've just had a thought they don't have Internet, looks like I'll be doing posts from my iPhone.. GREAT!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Horses, Snow & More Snow

What a great session - As I said yesterday I was determined to leave work early to get that run in and guess what I did!

I wrapped up warmish and went across my road into the local park and decided to complete a Fartlek training session.

My set was:

Repeat 5 Times 
2min Zone 5 2min Zone 4 (rest) 
1min Zone 5 1min Zone 4 (rest) 
30sec Zone 5 30secs Zone 4 (rest)

Time 00:35:00
Distance 3.13 miles
Max Hr 181BPM

All the above in 4inches of snow - God my legs were heavy after I finished the set and the houses that overlook the park my think what the hell is that idiot doing. The route I chose was far from flat and the audience of 5 horses was.. well interesting.

I came home and had a quick go on the Wii boxing before I jumped in the shower a quick 30 minutes.

Rest day tomorrow I think.. or maybe a quick go on the Wii

Got Home Late - Not To Late For The Wii

While I was in work I had a great idea to go for a run in the field by my house, I had visions of the Rocky training montage in the USSR running up snowing mountains... but that never happened as it was dark by the time I got home :(

So I pushed back the sofa and coffee table ad made some room in the front room and get on the Wii (Like you all suggested)

I played on the Wii for about 45 minutes and did the Wii Fir Plus activities... They weren't to hard but they got me to sweat which I didn't expect.

I definitely off early today so I can get that outside run in!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

More Snow & No Road Runs..

Would you believe it more snow has come and more is expected - This is destroying my planned running schedule!

Ive got a Wii to play on, I wonder if I can build up a sweat on that? Or I may even go and do a hill session with the horse above.. Just like Rocky! DRAAAAGGGGGOOOOOO!!!!

Got an email today from Runners World and this tool is a great place to start if you need a training plan - Smartcoach

Friday, 17 December 2010

Snow Day...

Well no run today, due to 5 inches of snow… I went to bed at 23:00 and there wasn’t a sniff of snow. I then woke up at 02:30 this morning (to watch the Ashes) and still no snow. I went for a peak out the window at 05:30 and I was hammering down and it looked like it had for some time.

After Day 2 of the Ashes had finished the wife decided we should go out and see the area and see the snow so around 10:00 and it was lovely out there. We had wonder over to the local park took some snaps of the snow and popped to the local shop to grab a newspaper.

We’ve got a wedding tomorrow so I hope some of the snow clears so we can get the car off the drive otherwise we are walking/running there. But I can’t imagine the wife doing a 7 minute mile with those heels on.

Today’s distance travelled – 1.5 miles for the pint of milk and paper.

Dark, Cold & Another Run

I got home last night about 5:30 and thought do I really need to run? Its cold, its dark and its going to snow! I decided to man up and go for it and I'm glad I went. It blew away the days stress from work and it got me out of making dinner. 

The 1st up hill last night was a killer even though its about 2 minutes of up hill I knew tonight was not going to be easy. I did the spilt in a relatively quick time and was happy with that but just after that midway point I knew I sitting back and not going full steam ahead. To make matters worse it then decided to hail in my last mile so that made the last bit even harder. It sounds like I'm a right moaner!

I didn't see any other runners out last night but lots of cars and people looking through the windows at me and probably thinking "what an idiot its minus 3 and he's out running".

Roll on the weekend.. Ive got a wedding!

Last nights stats:

Duration 56:41
Distance 6.5 Miles
Max Heart Rate 181 BPM

Thursday, 16 December 2010

New Run Routes & Council Street Lighting

This is so annoying! The local council have decided that they want to complete a cost saving exercise by not turning on street lights. I think there is a FB group against the turn off?

In doing this it means my normal running route is now in complete darkness so I wont be running it any more till the summer.

Ive been on mapometer to search out some new routes but there isn't much starting from my home Ive managed to find one route but I'm sure if keep on doing that one I'll get board and start to lose the will..

I live on top of a hill so its always a killer finishing my runs as its a slow quarter of a mile uphill slope which is never good to finish on especially when your cream crackered.

How do people source there runs and decide your routes? obviously I can go anywhere on the weekend as its light in the day and I'm not in work but in the week I'm in the office till about 5 and its dark when I walk home from work. So I need the street lights to complete my runs, as I said above I use mapometer to get some direction but perhaps i need to change the way I train and do less mileage and more sprints and 1k efforts with recovery in the week and long runs over the weekends?

Any suggestions gratefully received :)

Walking To Work

Everyday since April this year I have walked to work, come rain, shine, hail or snow I've walked it.

Its not far to walk about 0.25 of a mile so a walk to and from work is half a mile and that makes it 5 days a week walking is 2.5 miles. Ive never thought about keeping track of it before but I think i might from now on :)

I wonder if I it snows tonight I wont have to go in tomorrow?

Looking forward to run tonight I bet its going to be a cold one - I'll probably do the same route as Tuesday home under an hour.. I hope!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ooo Maximuscle Voucher...

Aren't I lucky - Ive just been given  a £10 Maximuscle voucher!

I used to use pro max diet which helped me get rid of the majority of the fat and provided me with enough nutrients to complete a decent run.

I'm in to minds to try viper as I had some of there RTD stuff which was pretty good for gym work outs..

Here's the info:

To redeem your voucher and enjoy our award-winning nutrition for less, simply visit using the code DEC10NM and make any purchase before midnight on Friday 17th December.

Last Nights Run...

This is my first post in my very new shiny blog!

I ran last night for 6.5 miles and I'm hurting a little today. My knees in particular! I'm sure they would be hurting more if I had run Monday night with the elite group, so I was grateful for the rest day on Monday.

The wife and I decided to go up the Brecon Beacons on Sunday for a walk so that's why I think I'm aching and I ran Saturday too!

Back to last night, I saw 2 runners out and about which is very unusual as I'm normally hitting the pavements on my own.

It was cold last night and with my tired legs it was a hard run but its what makes us stronger. How do I know it was cold last night... well my hat stuck to my head as my sweat had frozen! hmm nice and to top it off I left without my bloody gloves!

I'm using a Garmin 305 to track my runs and using Garmin Connect to log them.

Last nights stats:

Distance 6.55 miles
Time 00:55:57
Max HR 183bpm

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