Wednesday, 14 February 2018

New Year.. New Blog Inspiration..

Happy New Year Readers...

As I've got some inspiration I thought I'd get back to the blog for 2018, as life, training and everything else has had priority and if I'm honest I had lost all drive to progress with the blog.

2017 was another successful year for me, another Ironman Wales under my belt alongside some other great races, Cotswolds 113, Long Course Weekend and Southampton Half marathon.

After looking at the numbers for the year 2017 was the furthest I’ve ever been, I nearly clocked in 2500 miles for the year across all 3 sports, 2012 was the last time I hit over the 2000 miles for the year, this makes me happy and I thought I could go harder / longer on the bike too.

I also joined a new club and got some new training mates which helped me greatly on those days when you needed to get out of bed early in the rain to get the long bike rides in. Thanks lads!

I took some well deserved time off in December to get the body, recovered from the hard year as well as help sort out those jobs at home you put off weekend after weekend as training to priority, a total of 12 days which was great, I also ate enough calories to feed a small country for a month, so it was great to get back out there and bank some runs.

I decided to do one of those virtual run races in January, run 100 miles, to some that might be easy but I thought it would challenge me and get some focus on my running as I’ve got Llanelli half marathon in February.

It was tough, but out of the 31 days in January, I clocked in 17 runs taking 14 hours and best of all I finished a day early. Just got to wait for my shinny medal and base layer to arrive now. I do like a good medal over a finisher t-shirt any day!

I’m contemplating doing a bike virtual race for February, as the run one seemed to work for January on the run front.

I’ve still got 2 Ironman Wales reports to finish that are sitting in my drafts.. oh bugger, I will do them and get them posted shortly.

Final thanks go out to my family, without their love and support I wouldn’t be able to train and race so much, Thanks V, I & E x

Thursday, 25 May 2017


I've been really struggling with motivation recently, and its really effected my training. I've recently found some training partners which has really helped on the bike especially the long rides. But I haven't got much love for the pool or open water at the moment, and I'm starting to pick up little niggles on the run aspects of the training so that isn't much fun either..

I also really need to finish my Ironman Wales blog which I haven't finished, I keep looking at it but getting the time to finally get down to writing the whole day out is the thing I'm struggling with... I wont forget the day as those memories will be with me forever.. I just need to share them with everyone!

I need a good kick up the arse and get on with it..

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Ironman Wales - Training - Weeks 5 to 9 Toughen Up

Week 5 - 9 - Toughen Up

Week 9 has arrived and gone when I write this review of my training, time is flying and I'm starting to get nervous about race day.

The past 4 weeks have been all about building that lactate threshold and I must say there has been some killer sessions in the plan already. I'm still enjoying it so something must be going right... well when I say enjoying it, one thing I haven't enjoyed was the sea swimming. My wife raced ISOMAN so she has been in the sea plenty of times and seems to smash it every time she goes in, I find myself retching with the taste of the water which is really hard to get a good rhythm on my stroke. I really need to work on this as its given my confidence a real bashing!

In this chunk of training we went on holiday to Centerparks for a week, which mean no pool swims, I did ask if I could swim in the lake and I was told no, so I packed extra run kit and bike kit do sneak an extra session in. On an early morning bike ride I managed to hit a pot hole and get a puncture, I got my tool bag only to find out my darling wife had no replace the tools she tool out, so that ride ended prematurely. You can imaging my mood, broken bike and no swims that week.

On the plus side this block, I took on Wisemans bridge and Heartbreak Hill (Saundersfoot) a few times which was satisfying, I also visited Freshwater West on a number of occasions too and took on those hills and won! All good for the confidence of race day I suppose.

The longest session on the bike was 4 hours which I forgot how much you can hate your bike!

I've made the transition to a new saddle (well back to my old one) I wasn't getting on with the wider Adamo saddle and 11 weeks out I'm not to worries,

In this chunk of training we now are hitting double day sessions, with 1 day off a week, I've noticed my metabolism is sky high and I cant eat enough some days, early morning swimming is the norm and I'm really enjoy them too, I can see some days my stroke is lazy as shoulders are tired, but my Ironmates tell me train hard, race easy! I like that idea!

I've also switched to a new trainer (Asics) which I'm unsure about, there is a little rubbing on the heel, but my last pair of Newtons didn't last and the material inside the shoe just tore and then cut my feet to bits. I'm contemplating if this Asics ones are any good, should I buy another pair and training in them too so I have a tougher, more stable pair come race day?

I did my first tri race in 2 years in this chunk on training too, only a Go tri series (sprint Triathlon / pool Swim) It was great to be back racing and really enjoyed getting back to it. I raced this race 3 years ago and back then I was 2 minutes quicker but this time it was a different run route, but I felt lets felt strong off the bike which is a great feeling as they can only get fitter.

Out of the 68 session I missed 15 from the plan, and that included 5 from holiday due to mechanicals and no pool to swim in. Then being away with my wife for ISOMAN (which she smashed!Super proud of her!) 4 missed sessions. The stats below are quite depressing after it feel like a good training block.

Next up is is endurance.. Sounds fun!

I've also got Ocean Lava Half Ironman to take on...

Sessions Hit - 53
Sessions Missed - 15

Swim Distance - 24140 Meters
Bike Distance - 290 Miles
Run Distance - 54 Miles

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Ironman Wales - Training - Weeks 1 to 4 Building A Routine

Week 1 - 4 - Building A Routine 

So the countdown to race day has started and day one has been and gone and I'm now at the end of my first block of 20 weeks training for Ironman Wales 2016. If I'm honest I've really enjoyed getting back into multi-sport, after concentrating on marathons last year its been great to get back in the pool and on the bike, and I'm full of enthusiasm currently so actually doing the sessions hasn't been a chore (I know I'm only 4 weeks in) but when marathon running some/most of the runs were done with the mentality of "Have I really got to do this, for this far".

Back to the training, week 1 was a nice gentle reminder to triathlon training. I missed no sessions and clocked in a 7/7 that week, same for week 2, zero sessions missed, week 3 I missed my 1st session and it was a bike effort and I felt so guilty, but people tell me don't force the training to catch up on what you missed, just put it to bed and move onto the next session. Its also the 1st week with double day sessions.  The mileage and intensity of the sessions has just gone up a notch and I'm really enjoying it.

This is the 1st month that I been able to give the new bike a good workout, with my race wheels too and I love it. I was really lucky to get such a god deal off my Ironmate for his Moda and I just hope it will get me round the IMW course.

As I'm working away from home at the moment I have to plan my sessions down to the details so I know what kit I have to take with me, and trying to find a local pool that is big enough to swim in also helps. I don't have an issue getting up at 5am to go training, as I've never been one for sleep, and I can get home just in time for the family breakfast.

Next months training aim, Get in the sea with some more open water swims and get out on the Ironman Wales bike course.. Even take on Wisemans..

Sessions Hit - 46
Sessions Missed - 3

Swim Distance - 16600 Meters
Bike Distance - 253 Miles
Run Distance - 38 Miles

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Marathon Training

So its nearly Brighton marathon time, I've been really committed to my new plan for the past 24 weeks, all in the aim to hit a sub 4 hour marathon. Its been a mix of 3 runs (tempo, intervals and long run) and strength and conditioning with weights. This is the 1st time I've followed this plan and I feel in completely different shape to the previous 3 marathons.

Is this good news.. We will soon find out...

I've also starting making the transition to triathlon training by getting  out on the bike and on the Ironman Wales bike course too.

After the Brighton Marathon I get 2 weeks off from structured training, but I'm sure I'll end up doing something and then its back to committed 20 week plan for Ironman Wales. I have struggled to get 1 session in a day for the marathon plan so I haven't a clue how I'm going to plan doublers.


Ive also starting changing supplies for race day from ZipVit to Powerbar so its less for me to pack on race day and getting my gut used to the Powerbar brand. To be honest some of the stuff doesn't taste that bad.. I'm sure it will in 5 months time!

Friday, 11 December 2015

Newton Distance S IV - Review

Distance S IV
Tech Specs
COLOUR - White / Orange/ Yellow / Red
WEIGHT - 204 g
INTENDED TESTING - Free run, sprint session, long runs
SURFACE TESTED - Treadmill, Track & Road

Thank you to the team at Newton for sending me a pair of Newton Distance S to test out and report back on how I got on.

I moved to Newton stability running trainers back in 2012 and haven't looked back, I used to have big problems with my calf muscles but Newtons have really helped with sorting this problem.

I said this in my last review but these trainers are great and they keep getting better, a better fit, better stability feel and they look great, Newton are always bringing out bright coloured trainers so you always get noticed. They are also reflective so its the little things that help you get seen at night when running in the late evenings. They are very quick to dry to so even if you wear them in the rain they will be dry for your next session, which helps as there is nothing worse than running in  wet kit!

I use them on a treadmill also indoors so my feet tend to get hot and with the lightweight material and outer mesh it helps keep your feet cool as it ventilation like system with the fabric on the shoes.

The trainers feel unbelievably light on your feet, and you expect stability shoes to be thick, chunky and even with the added support on the base you don't noticed the weight. They do feel a little funny at first when you put them on and start running in them as it feels like your running with studs on your feet but you soon forget. This extra support helps reduce the impact onto your joints, I suppose every little helps with muscle fatigue.

I plan to use my Newtons for the 2016 race season, which includes 2 marathons and 1 Ironman and I am very confident they help to get me to the finish line. I'll be purchasing a few pairs as I plan ti use them fir my training also. I find it important when you find the right pair of shoes you buy a few so you can keep continuity with your training.

I decided against using the quick fit laces in these as I haven't used them for triathlon yet, but they are light enough for me to use so i don't think I'll require a race shoe.  the tongue in the shoe is thin but it gives you enough padding to wear the shoe sock-less which is great for a quick transition and gives you less irritation in sensitive areas on the top of the foot and less chance of friction to produce sore spots. Its hard enough running never lone running with sore feet!

My feet fitted well in the shoe and it didn't slip or move about in the trainer which means less chance of blisters.

The curve in the sole of the trainer definitely helps keep your running stride fluid and with the footfall I definitely notice it aiding rolling to lift off.  The trainer feels really stable and with the cushioned sole it feels like its got a built in memory foam for your foot as it very comfortable.

If your looking to get fit in the new year or just looking to change your footwear for the new season then look no further than these (If your after a stability shoe, If your not still go to the Newton site and see what else they have to offer)

You can find them on the Newton website HERE so get buying.

Thanks again Steve...

New Year.. New Blog Inspiration..

Happy New Year Readers... As I've got some inspiration I thought I'd get back to the blog for 2018, as life, training and every...